Full and Short Papers of the Industry and Application Track


Manufacturing and Logistics
Business Process Management
Procurement and Contracting
Aerospace Applications
Energy Management
Security and Surveillance

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Manufacturing and Logistics

An Interactive Platform for Auction-Based Allocation of Loads in Transportation Logistics
Valentin Robu, Han Noot, Han La Poutré, Willem-Jan van Schijndel
Pan-supplier Stock Control in a Virtual Warehouse
Emad El-Deen El-Akehal, Julian Padget
Autonomic Machine Control - A Case Study (Short Paper)
Christian Dannegger, Dominic Greenwood
MasDISPO_xt: Heat and Sequence Optimisation based on Simulated Trading inside the Supply Chain of Steel Production (Short Paper)
Sven Jacobi, David Raber, Klaus Fischer


Business Process Management

WADE: A software platform to develop mission critical applications exploiting agents and workflows
Giovanni Caire, Danilo Gotta, Massimo Banzi
BDI-Agents for Agile Goal-Oriented Business Processes
Birgit Burmeister, M. Arnold, Felicia Copaciu, Giovanni Rimassa
Agent-based Patient Admission Scheduling in Hospitals
Anke K. Hutzschenreuter, Peter A. N. Bosman, Ilona Blonk-Altena, Jan van Aarle, Han La Poutré



Procurement and Contracting

Case Studies for Contract-based Systems
Michal Jakob, Michal P?chou?ek, Simon Miles, Michael Luck
Electronic contracting in aircraft aftercare: A case study
Felipe Meneguzzi, Simon Miles, Michael Luck, Camden Holt, Malcolm Smith
Argumentation-based agents for eProcurement (Short Paper)
Paul-Amaury Matt, Francesca Toni, Thanassis Stournaras, Dimitris Dimitrelos
Agent-Community-Network-based Business Matching and Collaboration Support System (Short Paper)
Tsunenori Mine, Kosaku Kimura, Satoshi Amamiya, Ken'ichi Takahashi, Makoto Amamiya


Aerospace Applications

A Multi-Agent Simulation System for Prediction and Scheduling of Aero Engine Overhaul
Armin Stranjak, Partha Sarathi Dutta, Mark Ebden, Alex Rogers, Perukrishnen Vytelingum
Transitioning Multiagent Technology to UAV Applications
Paul Scerri, Tracy Von Gonten, Gerald Fudge, Sean Owens, Katia Sycara
OpCog: An Industrial Development Approach for Cognitive Agent Systems in Military UAV Applications (Short Paper)
Kai Reichel, Nico Hochgeschwender, Holger Voos
Towards a Reliable Air Traffic Control (Short Paper)
Minh Nguyen-Duc, Zahia Guessoum, Olivier Marin, Jean-François Perrot, Jean-Pierre Briot, Vu Duong


Energy Management

Autonomic Multi-Agent Management of Power and Performance in Data Centers
Rajarshi Das, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Charles Lefurgy, Gerald Tesauro, David W. Levine, Hoi Chan
Cooperative search for optimizing pipeline operations
T. Mora, A.B. Sesay, J. Denzinger, H. Golshan, G. Poissant, C. Konecnik


Security and Surveillance

Deployed ARMOR Protection: The Application of a Game Theoretic Model for Security at the Los Angeles International Airport
James Pita, Manish Jain, Janusz Marecki, Fernando Ordóñez, Christopher Portway, Milind Tambe, Craig Western, Praveen Paruchuri, Sarit Kraus
CAMNEP: Agent-Based Network Intrusion Detection System (Short Paper)
Martin Rehak, Michal Pechoucek, Pavel Celeda, Jiri Novotny, Pavel Minarik



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